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Reclaiming the Blog, Take Two
November 4, 2006, 7:34 pm
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I recognize that I’ve been completely negligent with respect to maintaining the blog, often for very poor reasons (laziness, lack of interest) since I’m not particularly swamped with other areas of my life.  Work is fine, but not overwhelming; my social life leaves a tad to be desired; I’m finally settled back into Washington.

I’ll make a more robust effort at contributing meaningful and/or interesting comment on the site.  As usual, feel free to contact me with suggestions or observations, and of course, comments always welcome.



Weird GOP French Bashing
October 8, 2006, 11:11 am
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Jim Talent said about his democratic opponent, former prosecutor Claire McCaskill, on Meet the Press today this:

She said to a group of her supporters in Paris. . .

I don’t know what this means but when asked directly whether if he had been told ahead of time that there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq would he have voted to invade: he actually said yes.  Yes! “Well, he wanted them [WMDs], Tim.”  What a riot.

McCaskill I thought performed very well, as far as being a terrorist-sympathizing cut-and-runner goes.


Pat Buchanan is a Dick
October 6, 2006, 1:22 pm
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Although I hardly thought it possible, the esteemed Pat Buchanan, failed presidential candidate, veritable hate-spewing commentator and national clown, has sunk to new lows in bigoted idiocy.

Not only is Mark Foley a “flamer,” according to Buchanan, but Nancy Pelosi “has been marching with pedophiles” and consequently has no “credibility” on denouncing Foley’s sexual deviancy and the House Republican leadership’s knowing and willful lack of response to it.  Also, Hastert didn’t know Foley well, despite the fact that Foley was a fairly influential, gregarious House Republican who’d been around for over a decade. Also, the Republican caucus had no idea that Foley was “this flamer”, as if his being gay is relevant.  And by the way, everyone on the the Hill and off the Hill knew that Foley was gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Also, the media doesn’t care about kids because they sat on the story.  What cracked-out planet does Buchanan live on, and why is he allowed on television?

Watch the horror show for yourself, courtesy of Wonkette:


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Abramoff’s White House E-mails
September 29, 2006, 4:53 pm
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reveal definitively that Ken Mehlman sucks.


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Tomorrow’s Conventional Election Wisdom Today!
September 28, 2006, 10:06 am
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The NYT reports breathlessly today that

Six weeks before Election Day, th Democrats suddenly face a map with unexpected opportunities in their battle for control of the Senate.

Suddenly, a map! with opportunities! Democrats could win! Ken Mehlperson can relax now, what with a New York Times reporter bespeaking doom for his party, there is certain to be an uptick in the republican donating spirit.

Of course the rest of the piece systematically deconstructs the actual likelihood of what is merely suggested in the lead. Take for example:

a shift in the Senate was always considered a long shot this year . . . [but a Democratic takeover] is at least plausible.

“Anybody who says there’s no way the Democrats could regain control of the Senate, that’s just wishful thinking,” said Glen Bolger, a Republican pollster active in numerous House and Senate races. “But there’s a long way between could and would, and the Republican resource advantage is just now coming to bear.”

Republicans say they have the money not only to defend their seats, but also to put Democrats on the defensive in Maryland, New Jersey and elsewhere.

Mr. [Chuck] Schumer said, “The 800-pound gorilla is the money the R.N.C. is pouring into those [Ohio, Missouri, and Tennessee] races.”

And so on and so forth. What the article does sufficiently well, since it quotes so extensively from GOP operatives, is mingle the increasingly less remote prospect of a Democratic Senate takeover with a tinge of Republican campaign confidence. It would be a terrific fundraising letter, and I’m sure it will be.


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The Potty Mouths of Political Advisers
September 28, 2006, 9:46 am
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The Post has the obligatory story examining whether or not Jim Webb is, like his republican Senate opponent, somehow racist (we already know he’s a woman-hating “fiction writer”). Whether or not Webb at one time used an inappropriate racial slur is a far cry from cutting off the head of a deer and shoving it into the mailbox of the nearest black family. One is insensitive; the other is assault.

But take a look at the juvenile pissing contest between the representatives on each campaign:

From the Webb Camp:

“They are pathetic individuals. They are beneath it. They are slime,” she said. “Here we are trying to talk about the issues. They are completely and totally desperate.”

And representing George Allen, from the right:

“They wouldn’t know an issue if it hit them square in the face,” he said.

If the Allen campaign is slime, how could it be “beneath” its desperate flailing against the Webb campaign? And while the other side is basically calling your guy a slimeball, racist asshole, you’d think “political adviser” Chris LaCivita could do a little better than: “Yeah, well, the don’t know what an issue even is!” What the hell is that? It’s stupid and lame and pathetic and slimey.

Whoever wins, we all lose. But if Allen loses, we all lose a little less.


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Bill Clinton for Life
September 28, 2006, 1:21 am
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From David Remnick’s recent profile in The New Yorker:

[Clinton] told them about learning to exercise more and suggested they watch a show on Nickelodeon called “Let’s Just Play Go Healthy Challenge.”

When the question period began, a chubby kid, no more than seven, nervously held the microphone and asked Clinton, “What if you don’t have the channel?”

His quavery voice betrayed such a sense of terror and deprivation that a lot of the kids laughed. What? No Nickelodeon? It’s basic cable!

Clinton had clearly heard the laughing and seen the terror in the kid’s eyes, and he sensed the embarrassment that would likely haunt his nights, and so he said, “A lot of people don’t have the channel. So that’s a good question. A great question.”

The jaws of life! The boy smiled. His whole body seemed to relax. The laughing stopped.