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Dole(ing) out the Horse Feces
November 5, 2006, 12:06 pm
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I’m watching Elizabeth Dole on Meet the Press right now and it’s as though the woman is on crack, high from the huge amout of sugar intake from drinking way too much of the Kool-Aid.

Also, nothing she says makes any sense. It’s almost hard not to feel bad for her.


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Democrats and the Avoiding of Defeat
November 5, 2006, 12:01 pm
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After the relatively harmless but momentarily frightening incident of John Kerry’s bad(ly interpreted) joke about the Bush administration, it’s particularly clear that the major challenge for Democrats going into the last 48 hours of this election cycle is to avoid derailing their own gravy train. Democrats are going to win the House; the Senate looks increasingly winnable. The trick is to simply allow the Republicans to destroy themselves, and it’s true that the GOP has been eating its own babies at least since but probably well before the Foley affair. 

Thomas Ferraro has a quick piece in Reuters today demonstrating the new Rovian Democratic strategy for winning elections: Not Losing. His thesis is that Democrats historically fuck it up and have therefore remained in the Minority party on the Hill. I think that’s a wee bit of an oversimplification of electoral dynamics in America, particularly since 1994. But whatever. I think the important point now is that the ground has shifted. Support for conservative ideology is dead, in retreat or in hiding. That all Democrats have to do is to avoid saying something idiotic enough to turn people off is, finally, a positive remark about the American voter.


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The Potty Mouths of Political Advisers
September 28, 2006, 9:46 am
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The Post has the obligatory story examining whether or not Jim Webb is, like his republican Senate opponent, somehow racist (we already know he’s a woman-hating “fiction writer”). Whether or not Webb at one time used an inappropriate racial slur is a far cry from cutting off the head of a deer and shoving it into the mailbox of the nearest black family. One is insensitive; the other is assault.

But take a look at the juvenile pissing contest between the representatives on each campaign:

From the Webb Camp:

“They are pathetic individuals. They are beneath it. They are slime,” she said. “Here we are trying to talk about the issues. They are completely and totally desperate.”

And representing George Allen, from the right:

“They wouldn’t know an issue if it hit them square in the face,” he said.

If the Allen campaign is slime, how could it be “beneath” its desperate flailing against the Webb campaign? And while the other side is basically calling your guy a slimeball, racist asshole, you’d think “political adviser” Chris LaCivita could do a little better than: “Yeah, well, the don’t know what an issue even is!” What the hell is that? It’s stupid and lame and pathetic and slimey.

Whoever wins, we all lose. But if Allen loses, we all lose a little less.


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TSA: Keeping America Safe from Sarcastic Assholes
September 27, 2006, 1:22 pm
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Some guy decides to scrawl in black marker “Kip Hawley is an Idiot” on the ziplock bag which he is using to transport his hair gel and toothpaste through airport security. Kip Hawley is the head of the Trasportation Security Administration or whatever. Guy apparently surprised at consequences:

He went strait [sic] to the TSA Supervisor on duty and boy did he come marching over to the checkpoint with fire in his eyes!

Go read the rest to find out what happens. You’ve had a hard day.  You deserve it.   


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Key Judgments of National Intelligence Estimate
September 27, 2006, 1:03 pm
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Read it yourself here.


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NYT Editorial Page, Tell Us What You Really Think
September 27, 2006, 10:30 am
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The damn liberal media is being mean to our fearless leader today (again), willfully refusing to accept his perfectly reasonable assertions that he has made America safer.  Apparently the Times did not get the memo about the mothership not having been attacked since 9/11.

three declassified pages from what is certainly a voluminous report told us what any American with a newspaper, television or Internet connection should already know. The invasion of Iraq was a cataclysmic disaster.

Cataclysmic? Let’s not get so excited.

By [Bush’s] logic, the more the United States fights, the longer the war stretches on.

I don’t understand why the damn liberal media never holds the terrorists responsible. They are the terrorists, after all! We didn’t go searching for this war. They attacked us! We were just minding our own, uh, business. The Times has internalized all the form-fitting, vile hatred about America and Americans and is doing the terrorists’ bidding on its editorial pages, sad to say.

Then, Mr. Bush wanted Americans to focus on how dangerous Saddam Hussein was, and not on the obvious consequences of starting a war in the Middle East. Now, he wants voters to focus on how dangerous the world is, and not on his utter lack of ideas for what to do about it.

So The Times is saying it prefers to have Saddam Hussein still in power.  Sheesh! What’s your plan, New York Times Editors, huh? What are your ideas? I can hear the Limbaugh speaking his truth to power now.  


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Why Does Nora Ephron Speak

She talks so much that it is as though she has something meaningful to add to the national dialogue, but alas all there is to Ephron are comments such as this: 

“What surprised me most about the Clinton meltdown yesterday was that no one told him to pull up his socks.”

I think that fairly well says it all.


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