Marginal Footnotes

Why Does Nora Ephron Speak

She talks so much that it is as though she has something meaningful to add to the national dialogue, but alas all there is to Ephron are comments such as this: 

“What surprised me most about the Clinton meltdown yesterday was that no one told him to pull up his socks.”

I think that fairly well says it all.


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Blog Idiocy of the Moment
May 4, 2006, 7:58 pm
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I'm starting a new feature dedicated to mocking other bloggers who make dopey claims (Other bloggers should feel free to return the favor).  This happens with regularity so, at a minimum, it means a stable source of content. 

The Blog Idiocy of the Moment is: Digby!

'I'm tired and I can't really write about this in the detail it deserves, but luckily Columbia Journalism review did a terrific post mortem on the "Primary Colors" fraud. Not only did santimonious prick Joe Klein personally help set the table for the asinine Monica Lewinsky scandal — he committed journalistic malpractice while doing it'.

This is obviously idiotic and no therefore no exegesis of the idiocy is necessary, but I can't restrain myself from making a few quick remarks.

a) The word is sanctimonious.  I realize we all mkae speling erors, but it does add comedic value to an already dumb argument.

b) Perhaps we would do better to lay blame where it belongs (Clinton does).  In my view, this begins with President Clinton, who I support fully (Bill Clinton for Life!), and culminates with the men who tried to hang him for his innocuous (to the nation, not his family) misdeeds, namely Tom Delay, Newt Gingrich, etc.  It would be a struggle even to argue that Joe Klein's novel and the film are peripheral, to say nothing of instrumental, to what was, let's be honest, a fairly entertaining national saga.

c) Faulty arguments are indicated whenever recourse to schoolyard name calling ('prick') is employed (N.B. I am not calling Digby an idiot; I am calling his assertion idiotic).   



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