Marginal Footnotes

Who am I?

No one, really. Kind of like you. Which, really, is the beauty of it.  

I'm an American doing graduate work in the Institute for Irish Studies (Why? I have no idea) at the Queen's  University, Belfast.  I'll be finished here in the next couple of months with what is as far as I can tell a completely non-marketable degree, so if you know anyone hiring, I'll be available.  Previous to this little academic venture, I worked as an analyst in the government affairs division of a trade association in Washington, D.C., where I was basically a sort of low-level lobbyist who did a fair amount of legwork for a group of people I really liked and admired.  Still do.  This job involved a significant amount of boating, which continues to amuse me. 

Anyway, enjoy the site, thanks for visiting, and come again. Oh, and feel free to email me at mat404[at]hotmail[dot]com if you feel so compelled.


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