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NYT Editorial Page, Tell Us What You Really Think
September 27, 2006, 10:30 am
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The damn liberal media is being mean to our fearless leader today (again), willfully refusing to accept his perfectly reasonable assertions that he has made America safer.  Apparently the Times did not get the memo about the mothership not having been attacked since 9/11.

three declassified pages from what is certainly a voluminous report told us what any American with a newspaper, television or Internet connection should already know. The invasion of Iraq was a cataclysmic disaster.

Cataclysmic? Let’s not get so excited.

By [Bush’s] logic, the more the United States fights, the longer the war stretches on.

I don’t understand why the damn liberal media never holds the terrorists responsible. They are the terrorists, after all! We didn’t go searching for this war. They attacked us! We were just minding our own, uh, business. The Times has internalized all the form-fitting, vile hatred about America and Americans and is doing the terrorists’ bidding on its editorial pages, sad to say.

Then, Mr. Bush wanted Americans to focus on how dangerous Saddam Hussein was, and not on the obvious consequences of starting a war in the Middle East. Now, he wants voters to focus on how dangerous the world is, and not on his utter lack of ideas for what to do about it.

So The Times is saying it prefers to have Saddam Hussein still in power.  Sheesh! What’s your plan, New York Times Editors, huh? What are your ideas? I can hear the Limbaugh speaking his truth to power now.  


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