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So What Happens to the Detainees?
June 30, 2006, 12:09 pm
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Eugene Robinson:

the Supreme Court finally called George W. Bush onto the carpet yesterday and asked him the obvious question: What part of “rule of law” do you not understand?

This is all very fun politically and I’m enjoying it as much as the next guy. One question though: once the detainees are released, which I know will not result directly from this decision but which I think at this point is inevitable, what happens? We’re not going to put them on trial. Military courts are out. We’re going to have to let them go. Presumably this will be an admission that (a) they are innocent, or at least not provably guilty of any crime and (b) the U.S. government made a colossal error in imprisoning (most of) them. Are we going to write an individual letter of apology to these folks? Buy them a plane ticket home? Bottle of wine? Cash? How do you compensate for obliterating years of a person’s life?


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For a lot of reasons, military courts/commissions are not out. They just can’t look like the military commissions that the government tried to use. That said, their use may be unlikely.

Comment by Andy

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