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Mark Souder (R-Ind.), Tactless
June 27, 2006, 1:11 pm
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Rep. Mark Souder apparently didn’t get the memo that overtly politicizing the Iraq War is a no-no. According to The Hill:

‘The withdrawal of 20,000-40,000 U.S. troops from Iraq this fall would greatly help Republican chances in the November election, Rep. Mark Souder (R-Ind.) said at a fundraiser Thursday at the National Rifle Association.

Souder acknowledged in his remarks that the war in Iraq has dampened support for Republican candidates but added that withdrawing 30,000 troops could have a big impact, said Martin Green, Souder’s spokesman.

The congressman said it would amount to an “‘October Surprise’ in its effect, although he dismissed the idea that a U.S. troop withdrawal would begin for domestic political reasons’.


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Um, the Iraq war is all about politics. Plus what he said is true. It would make the republicians look better. We saw the same thing with the Iran hostages. Reagan got the credit for bringing them home instead of Carter who did the real work.

Comment by drmike

I was being ironical, as a friend of mine often says of himself. But I’ll try harder next time to attain clarity.

Comment by mpd404

Souder, grew up in Grabil IN. After claiming he was a conscientious objector to the war in Viet Nam, he got a job in Washington.
Now he is a Republican Hawk, or as most like to describe them, a “Chicken Hawk”.
Souder has done just about everything he could have done to decimate the middle class.

Voted for the energy bill that gave billions to the Oil Companies.
Strip overtime protection for millions of middle class Americans.
Voted to allow Fed loans to Companies moving offshore.

Let’s not forget the pork to Haliburton in the continuing Iraq war. Truck drivers earning $30,000/mo. when the Army could easily do the same job.

Souder has been named in the top ten house members, as the most anti-environment.

Comment by Neil

Mr. Souder, I truly feel fixing (now, not later) our border security (ie. a wall) would seriously do wonders to our country’s overall security/safety. I think you NEED to keep it as a PRIORITY 1 for the near future (and until something drastic is done). Without a safe homeland (I mean, we have two oceans to help with the protction), we (the USA) cannot maintain the strength that we have. Pres. Bush has made the war in Iraq his mission as Pres. I think you (and other congressmen and senators) need to make this cause your mission. I thank you for doing the good you have done as a congressman. I can remember how excited it was when you defeated Long in 94. I was at your acceptance and I loved the energy and excitement. I hope you can see a protectionist need to make us safer. God bless you and thank you for your time. Kerry

Comment by kerry

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