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Hillary Clinton, Peter Daou, and the Lefty Blogtomatons
June 27, 2006, 2:20 pm
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First, congratulations to Peter Daou on his big, huge gig with the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign (I know, I know: she hasn’t announced (yet)). Says Daou:

I have been offered – and accepted – what I believe is a unique opportunity to help close the triangle: joining Senator Clinton’s team as a blog advisor to facilitate and expand her relationship with the netroots.  

The Hillary circle is notoriously difficult to penetrate, so the Daou tappage signals that the Hillaryistas are fully cognizant of the potential electoral irritation of lefty, anti-Hillary blogarrhea.  I remember when Peter Daou, after the Kerry loss in 2004 for which he worked as an internet advisor, started The Dauo Report, which summarized chatter on blogs in a so-stultifyingly-simple-it’s-genius formulation (righty bloggers on the right-hand side, lefty bloggers left, centrist bloggers center, etc.). I sent him an email at the time congratulating him on his genius and for simplifying my blog expeditions, to which he responded with a gracious ‘thanks!’. Later The Daou Report moved to Salon and I stopped reading it because of those silly ads Salon insists on making its readers navigate before reading its content.

Daou is of course well-respected in the liberal blogiverse, so I wonder what the reaction will be from the Daily Kos confederation, the majority of whose members, including the fearless leader himself, have made their hysterical despisal of Sen. Clinton known.  I might satisfy my curiousity by checking out The Daily Kos, but, like Marty Peretz, I prefer to be ill-informed about the commentary there. It makes speculation and mockery easy. My views on Markos’ views on Hillary Clinton are here.


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The “plan” is clearly in full effect. Mrs. Clinton is running for President. We have no choice in the matter. She will be the nominee no matter what. The question is, besides Bill, who will be the Vice President to complete the troika?

Comment by skeptical brotha

i disagree! i think hillary’s far from presumptive and i’m willing to bet Gore is going to make a run for it and face down the bohemoth that is the hillary for president apparatus. Oh, and survive to tell the story.

Comment by mpd404

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