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‘Incompetent Boobs’
June 26, 2006, 5:47 pm
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So I was sitting in my kitchen with my roommate from Norway when the whole Sears Tower Terror Plot story appeared on my television screen, courtesy of the BBC. There the two of us listened as national genuis and legal whiz Alberto Gonzales (who looks like a tiny little man) told us about the threat posed by the evil-doers. 'Home-grown terrorists', he said, 'may prove to be as dangerous as groups like al-Qaeda'. This was, he warned, 'a new brand of terrorism'. Dramatically, we were told that these men were on 'mission to wage war against the United States government': this was to be, according to Gonzales, a 'full ground war'.  

It was at this point that we started laughing. My Norwegian friend told me that 'you Americans' are 'ridiculous'.  And while I love my fellow Americans, I readily agreed. This Herald Sun article is a good run-down of the whole cockamamie affair. Who do these people think they're fooling at this point?


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