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Peretz: Gore Should Run
June 22, 2006, 7:45 pm
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It is raining in Ireland and America just obliterated its World Cup chances by losing to the (very good) team from Ghana.  We underplayed and we got screwed by the screwy ref, but so it goes, and goes and goes.  This is unfortunate, and so is the pace of my dissertation, but at least I have the hope that Al Gore will run for president in 2008, win and thereby save us from planetary extinction.  

In the latest installment of the draft Gore movement, Marty Peretz has a good piece up at TNR explaining why Gore is the Democrat's last, best hope. I agree with everything he says, which is rare.

'Let me tell you a few words about the question as to whether Al Gore has changed. Actually, to me he is essentially the same young man I met in a Harvard freshman seminar 41 years ago: inquisitive, respectful of learning and scholarship, emotionally connected, committed to his friends and family, incandescently smart, believing in an order of the universe he still genuinely refers to as God. These are not easily carried into the universe of politics, where cynicism leaves little space for authenticity. But he fought against the demons of triangulation that subvert moral clarity. Al also came out whole, very whole. Yes, he was singed by the president's troubles that the oh, so facile president made for himself. Gore took the advice of some of the usual Democratic four-flusher professionals in his campaign in the year 2000. Right now, I make this assertion with complete confidence: that Gore would not, will not defer his own instincts or convictions to anyone else. Yes, he can be persuaded. But he cannot be pushed'.

I hate to be sentimental, and this is certainly that, but you can't tell me it's dishonest or uncompelling.


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