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Snarlin’ Arlen
June 8, 2006, 2:26 pm
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Did you know that Arlen Specter, one time junior counsel for the Warren Commission, is the man behind the so-called 'magic bullet theory'? It is impossible not to love this man. Although it may be sentimental and unoriginal to say it, it's worth saying nonetheless: the man has a spine. 

And he's willing to take on the Vice President of the United States himself, also known in some circles as Darth Vader. Does this make Arlen Specter Luke Skywalker?

Seriously, though, the new (or old) discord provides further evidence for a long-standing and well-documented fact: the Bush administration has little respect for its co-equal partner in national governance. This is continually perplexing since Congress has for years, in Republican hands, been such a patsy for the administration. No one exemplifies this phenomenon better than Senate Intelligence Committee Chair Pat Robertson, the eminently unlikeable hack and serial prevaricator from the weird state of Kansas (no offense intended to our Kansan readers, but seriously what is the matter with Kansas?). Just imagine a world where Congress actually exercised its constitutional obligation of oversight. We might be faced with an insurmountable legislative impasse lasting until the end of the present administration, and jesus what a delightful reprieve that would be.        


UPDATE / TPM Muckracker has posted the actual letter.

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Personally I enjoyed Specters quote on the Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer: “This is nothing personal between Arlen Specter and Vice President Cheney,” … not sure when he started reffering to himself in the third person. but you know.

Spector continued, “This is a matter of civil liberties, it’s a matter of separation of power, and it’s a matter of important congressional oversight – and so far we’re not getting there – and that’s why I prepared a fairly strong letter.”

The Wolf responded “A very strong letter”
Which was well timed.

Comment by JTK

This article: by Elizabeth Drew is a wonderful treatment of the Administration’s “Power Grab” from Congress.

Comment by Misha

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