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Marginal Notes on Billbray’s Big Break
June 7, 2006, 5:12 pm
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Earlier today I commented on what I thought was sueprficial analysis by the Washington Post regarding Brian Billbray's victory over Francine Busby in the special election held in California to replace the now-incarcerated Republican Duke Cunningham. It's good to see the New York Times get the real story, which incidentally is what any clear-eyed analysis would have discerned:  

'Wth 97 percent of the vote counted, Mr. Bilbray had 49 percent of the vote and Ms. Busby 45 percent, raising the prospect that he would fail to win more than half the vote in what should be one of the safest Republican districts in the country'


'The intensity of the contest and the closeness of the result underscored the problems Republicans face in trying to keep control of Congress at a time when many Americans have expressed discontent with President Bush, Congress and the Republican Party'.


'But Democrats said the results showed just how weak Republicans are this year, and noted how much money and effort the party had to put in just to squeak out a victory in a solid Republican district. Beyond the money and campaign workers, the party also had President Bush, Vice President Cheney, Senator John McCain of Arizona and First Lady Laura Bush make taped automatic calls to voters here, urging them to support Mr. Bilbray'.


UPDATE / Now I see the Post has a later article which echoes (in shockingly similar terms) the New York Times analysis.  See that article here.

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