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FMA Defeated, Again
June 7, 2006, 4:50 pm
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What a shocker.  Of course this is good news, but we can't even take pleasure in knowing that this is another legislative defeat for our fearless leader, since he (a) pushed it not to win but to satisfy the hate-mongers on whom his entire political viability is based and (b) every political pundit (correctly) noted that the thing hadn't a snowperson's chance in hell of succeeding. You can't lose what's lost. So it's another non-political victory for the forces of good in the world (of which I, naturally, count myself one).

But you gotta love Wayne Allard:

'"If it's up to me, we'll have a vote on this issue every year," said Senator Wayne Allard, Republican of Colorado. "I think it's important to the American people".'

Thank god it will never be up to that guy. That's him over there to the right (source: Washington Blade).  And, by the way, what American people? What is the 'American people'? The 'American people' is a shibboleth, a canard which enables ill-informed people like Allard, George W. Bush, Bill Frist and all the hacks who voted to vote to justify their perpetual idiocies.


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