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Alien Invasion!
June 3, 2006, 1:29 pm
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You know how they say people die in threes?  I don't have a particular fetish for extra-terrestrial intrique but it is interesting that on one day tales of alien abduction are debunked by as straightforward a phenomenon as sleep paralysis and on the next I'm hearing apparently-legitimate scientific theories about captured raindops carrying

'particles [that] could be extraterrestrial bacteria adapted to the harsh conditions of space and that the microbes hitched a ride on a comet or meteorite that later broke apart in the upper atmosphere and mixed with rain clouds above India. If his theory proves correct, the cells would be the first confirmed evidence of alien life and, as such, could yield tantalizing new clues to the origins of life on Earth'.

Jesus Mary and Joseph! The next thing we know theories about aliens secretly running the nation are going to be validated for the self-evident truths they are, or we're going to witness a full-on invasion of planet earth as so envisioned by L. Ron (or both).


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