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Gore Would Win
June 1, 2006, 9:15 pm
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according to some bizarre 'behavior prediction tool' designed by a guy who works for an organization that sounds a little shady.  The 'Affective Encryption Analysis' predicts a landslide victory for Gore.  Hillary, naturally, would lose.  Apparently the tool's ability to predict voter behaviour in 2008 is 93 percent accurate. Well, if that's not a good enough reason for Gore to run, what the hell is?


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Interesting that the news release does not report on whether the model would have successfully predicted past elections. One of the best ways to test a predictive model is to see if it predicts known outcomes given historic information.

It is impossible to know predictive accuracy of a future event because there exists nothing to measure the prediction against.

Given that there is no real description of the model in the news release and the fact that the company’s webpage is pretty much just a slide show of pictures this is not worth anyone’s time.

I like Al Gore, but this is crap.

Comment by Misha

i said it was shady and my post is laced with sarcasm, didn’t i?

Comment by mpd404

If you think Gore’s going to win, buy now while his market value is low.

Comment by Andy

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