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Finally, A Wal-Mart Advocate
May 25, 2006, 4:38 pm
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in the White House.  Apparently the Bush Administration has tapped Karl Zinsmeister (great name) to replace kleptomaniac Claude Allen as Domestic Policy Advisor to the president.  That's him over their on the right looking steadfast for his official AEI photo.  He's sure to give it to the president straight.  I mean, after all, this is the guy who declared warfare in Iraq over, done with and gone way back in June, the violence being nothing more than, you know, 'periodic flare-ups'.  That's in a June 20, 2005 article in AEI Magazine called: 'The War is Over, and We Won'.  Yeah.  This of course is based on that solid research methodology known as The Anecdote.  What is on display in Iraq now is simply the 'Arab world’s strong-arm tribal culture'.   Tribal, get that?  The upside from this appointment is that it indicates that there is at least one person left in the White House with enough sense not to make him a foreign policy advisor.

Thoughts on Guantanamo? Hype and anti-Americanism, of course:

'The claims of “abuse” at Guantanamo that are being lapped up so hungrily by anti-U.S. Europeans and Americans often center around horrors like the fact that the prisoners don’t like the food, that American military women “stand too close to them,” and that they can hear the guards’ shoes squeaking at inopportune times'. 

What has Zinsmeister done to the benefit of the nation? Well, perhaps most importantly, he's documented the Attack of the Snobs, which has most clearly manifested itself in 'today's effort to paint Wal-Mart as a diabolical plague. This is not some spontaneous popular wildfire (for the views of ordinary Americans toward Wal-Mart see pages 54-55), but rather a coordinated agitation ginned up in war rooms by professional partisans'.  Since the charges against Wal-Mart are wholly fabricated, Zinsmeister makes no effort to refute them.  Wal-Mart's major sin appears to be its naivety about politics.

Also, the guy can't write.  Read all 156 of his AEI articles here.


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