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Ralph Reed = Bad Man
May 19, 2006, 3:30 pm
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I hope that's not libel.  As you know, he's all tied up with this whole Abramoff thing in Washington.  He is also running for Lt. Governor of Georgia, my wonderful home turf, against a guy named Greg Hecht, who seems like a genuinely decent human being, as well as five other democrats.  Reed is also tied down in a primary battle against Casey Cagle, currently a state senator.  On the democratic side, Hecht is outraising the his primary competititon, with a war chest of about $1 million. 

Anyway, Reed is plodding along, kind of drowing in a sea of his own ethical indiscretions, which are many, and he's looking for ways to clean up his increasingly questionable image as the boyish hero of the conservative evangelical right (Reed used to run the Christian Coalition, when that actually meant something).  And it appears he found a willing ally in Rudy Giuliani.  The photo you see here is from AP, and it's also now on the main page of Reed's campaign website

So, what is Giuliani doing? 


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