Marginal Footnotes

Say Wha?
May 17, 2006, 4:16 pm
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There is something intensely artful in overlaying an objective news account announcing a public seminar with an hilarious and damning mockery of the subject through a careful selection of quotes, but here is how it's done.   

'[Dr Kent] Hovind [of Christian Science Evangelism Ministries] said reptiles known as dinosaurs were actually called dragons by early man, and most of these creatures were hunted and killed. Some, like the Loch Ness Monster, remain, he said'.

And, '"Throughout history, the devil has had a well-thought-out strategy to attack the word of God. Through what I call modern and postmodern times, the devil has orchestrated this thing such that people think we evolved."'  Well, finally!  Someone has finally worked out a concise definition of postmodernism. 

Also: "The goal would be that through the discovery of God’s creation, folks would come to know the Lord Jesus Christ," Miller said. "We don’t want to hide the fact that that’s our goal."

Well, at least they're honest.   



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