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Gore, Addict
May 17, 2006, 2:13 pm
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Al Gore told the Atlanta Progressive News that he may 'relapse' and run for president again.  Of course, the context of this remark was: 

'Following the screening of the absolutely breathtaking and monumental film about the grave and present threat of global warming to this planet, Atlanta Progressive News’s Editor asked the former Vice President, “Will you please, please run for President?"'

Also, according to the 'News Editor and National Correspondent':  'The American people need to go out and see this movie in a major way'.

You should read this article because it's awesome in oh so many ways. 


P.S. You can watch the trailer for An Inconvenient Truth here.

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I’ve read the Atlanta Progressive article and it does convey the sense that Gore is more than flirting with ’08.

I recommend an article in the April ’06 issue of The American Prospect by Ezra Klein about Gore’s chances. It begins:

“Five years ago, Al Gore was th much-mocked pol who blew a gimme with his stiff demeanor and know-it-all style. Today? C’mon, admit it: You like him again. Now his own man rather than the media’s robotic creation, he’s emerged a bold truth-teller–and many who wrote him off have noticed.”

Further: “As it has turned out, Al Gore as presented by Al Gore is infinitely more electric and attractive than the anodyne stiff the media popularized and the voters remembered.”

Klein makes the argument that a fear of Hillary Clinton’s unelectability will drive Democrats to the one person who has the clout within the party to beat her and the gravitas to win the election – that’s Gore.

Klein concludes: “It’s hard to believe that Gore doesn’t wish to correct the record on himself, rewrite his legacy. In a sense, that’s what he’s been doing since 2000. Andrei Cherny, a former close aide of Gore’s…protested that ‘Gore was never a prototypical New Democrat. He never thought of himself that way…There were a lot of moments of overlap, but he always had a much more populist streak than the DLC did. Partly his father’s son, that old southern populist tradition.’ Since his loss, that old populist tradition has burst through the membranes of caution and ambition that once constrained it, and Gore has exploded back into the Democratic consciousness.”

High gas prices, Iraq, Katrina, budget and trade deficits present much more fertile ground for a populist campaign in ’08 compared to ’00.

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