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I am Al Gore
May 16, 2006, 4:24 pm
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I’ve always thought Al Gore would be a phenominal president, but he’s the worst campaigner of all time. The movie looks excellent, and he’s nothing short of passionate. But, as that excellent New Yorker article from January ’05 (I beleive) chronicled, when he’s not passionate about something, it’s apparent. He is not only uncomfortable doing the rubber chicken nonesense of campaigns, he loathes it. And as much as he might be able persuade me and others like me on global warming/environment, he has a hard time connecting with people on other issues.

MPD: you’re on for $10.

Comment by RWS

That’s a pretty static view of someone who’s pretty smart and accomplished, RWS. Don’t you think that given the chance to learn from his mistakes that Gore in ’08 will be a much better campaigner than in ’00?

Aren’t his passionate (some might go so far as to call them “irrational”) speeches on a wide variety of topics in the past few years evidence of that?

And besides, GWB has driven this nation so far into the ditch that Gore will be able to fill entire speeches with issues he is passionate about.

Comment by spm

SPM: I don’t think his passion for giving speeches on topics he cares about necessarily translates to better campaigning. It’s not that he’s doesn’t understand his campaign problems, or doesn’t have enough material for speeches, its much more that he doesn’t enjoy the campaigning part of politics. He dislikes the persistent and trivial things like schmoozing with fundraisers and dumbing-down speeches to produce soundbites. He enjoys (and is much better at) giving lengthy, but intelligent speeches that he has complete control.

Maybe the level of displeasure with the remenants of the W administration will be so great in ’08 his style of campaigning would work. I don’t know. But, he adopted the “let it rip” style [his term, not mine] when he endorsed Dean, and while that works for idiots like me, it’s less appealing to more moderate groups.

Comment by RWS

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