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John Gibson
May 15, 2006, 4:19 pm
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I know this is old news but why is no one calling explicitly for John Gibson's ouster based on his May 11 broadcast urging non-Hispanics to 'make more babies'?  His commentary on the moral obligation to do so appears to be based on his assertion that if this is not done, in twenty-five years 'the majority of the population is Hispanic'.  Yeah, so? 

I will concede that at the end of the segment he claims that 'Hispanics can't carry the whole load'.  He offers no evidence for this.  He remarks earlier in the piece that 'white people' are, in America, still 'having kids at the rate that does sustain the population'.  So, in the world according to John Gibson, and oh what a mighty twisted and confusing world it is, it seems that the point isn't that there arent' enough babies; it's that there aren't enough white babies.  But you watch the video and decide for youself if the guy is, you know, trying to maintain white majorities. 


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[…] A few days ago I posted about John Gibson's remarks about the need to 'make more babies', wondering why no one was talking about this.  Stephen Colbert talked about this.  Watch the video here.  Wait until the end.  […]

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[…] He has been 'purposefully misinterpreted'.   It is a 'viscious personal attacks'.  Maybe.  I may have misinterpreted his initial remarks, but only because they lent themselves to misinterpretation.  But apparently what he said wasn't what he meant.  And, you know, that can happen to anybody.  Watch the video at Crooks and Liars.  See the initial clip here.   […]

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