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Draft Gore Movement Afoot
May 15, 2006, 5:30 pm
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Well, not really.  But people are starting to talk about this more and more.  Here's an email to Andrew Sullivan which sounds pretty right to me.

I talked about a possible Gore candidacy earlier here and  here.  


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I’m all for Gore in ’08. I find it ironic that he is being criticized for “irrational” behavior behind the podium. What exactly – substantively – are you against? His warnings that the Bush tax cuts would squander the surplus and create a deficit? His warnings that the Bush executive authority grabs would threaten civil liberties? His denunciation of the Iraq war from the beginning?

It seems to me that Gore has been the true conscience of the liberal/progressive wing of the Democratic Party since 9/11.

Gore gets dissed for being stiff. He gets dissed for being emotional.

And he gets virtually no credit for the Tornado and Hurricane Prevention Machine he invented. Why haven’t I read about that on this blog?

Comment by spm

I can’t say that I ‘substantively’ disagreed with anything in those speeches, although they were a while ago and I’m sure I can find something. But my critique wasn’t a substantive one in any event, but rather an unoriginal re-hashing of the widely-held view that he gave those speeches with, perhaps, a tad too much passion, and therefore came across as slightly rapid, if that paradox works for you.

It’s not unfair that Gore gets blamed for being on the one hand too stiff and on the other too emotional. He’s both on different occasions. When he works out the middle ground then the critique will dissipate.

Comment by MPD

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