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May 3, 2006, 4:58 pm
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is also what I said here a couple of days ago, but to be fair he also said this a couple of days ago, too.  In discussing and NPR discussion he had with Jay Rosen, Noam Scheiber of TNR says:

'But, of course, whatever you think of Colbert's performance as a critque of the Bush administration and the press–and I happen to think it was basically accurate, as I explained to Rosen repeatedly (to little avail)–that doesn't tell you much about whether it worked as comedy. That is, unless your definition of funny is "speaking truth to power," in which case I'm not sure why we bothered with a comedian Saturday night'.

This seems so obvious that it's hard to imagine that it's worth repeating, but the liberal blog universe has been bitching about Colbert's treatment relentlessly for days, and it's hard to understand why.  The man simply was not all that funny.  There, I repeated it again. 

And I have to add this zinger:

'Rosen is, by his own accounting, a big fan of Colbert. But apparently not such a big fan that he could be bothered to get Colbert's name right. He kept pronouncing the second syllable like the name "Bert" rather than "bear"–suggesting a pretty limited familiarity with Colbert's work'.

Uh, yeah.


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