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April 27, 2006, 2:49 pm
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So, George Allen is (or was) a confederate flag fan, according to Taegan Goddard quoting The New Republic.  That's not interesting because it's wholly unsurprising, and differs in no significant way from Bush's position in the flag in South Carolina during the 2000 election.  It's interesting that Allen's response to the discovery of the photograph of him wearing a confederate flag pin on his collar expresses zero regret and suggests no fault.  I'm not calling him a racist, just dense.  I can do this because I'm from Georgia, where until three years ago the confederate flag was the, uh, motif of the state flag.  But let's be serious.  The point of interest here is Allen's response, which exposes a deeply incurious mind (remind anyone of anyone).  He'll probably say it's a 'symbol' of the 'rebel' 'heritage' of the South.  We've heard all that before.  Concede it but why stop the analysis there?  What kind of heritage does it symbolize, and what exactly were the rebels rebelling to defend?  Everyone knows the answers to these questions, but someone should ask George Allen next time they see him. 


P.S. If George Allen becomes the president, I'm leaving the country.  Again.  

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