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Everyone, You Are Stupid
April 25, 2006, 4:52 pm
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Look, if you're going to plagiarize someone else's novel in the creation of your own, just do it.  It's art [see below].  Call it homage. Eliot was the greatest plagiarist.  Or was it Joyce?

But seriously please do not steal crappy material from crappy novels and then embarrass yourself by insulting everyone with a pseudo-apology: 'accident'; 'unintentional error'.  And for goodness sakes do not, whatever you do, purport a universal stupidity by expecting people to believe that you were 'surprised and upset' when discovering 'similarities' between your novel and the novel you copied.  Psychobabbling with words like 'internalized' and 'unconscious' is pretty much never persuasive.

Apologies which consist of a failure to take responsibility are not apologies.  They are nothing. 

[Of course this is not art.  I'm joking.  But she could have at least tried to make an intelligent defense along these lines. She is at Harvard after all.] 


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