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April 24, 2006, 1:02 pm
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This Guy Jason Zengerle of The New Republic has a fairly hilarious piece out about Joe Lieberman’s opponent, Ned Lamont. 

‘Let the record show that Ned Lamont does not consider Joe Lieberman a whiny-ass titty baby. Nor does he believe that Connecticut’s junior senator is a douchebag, an ass clown, or any of the other nasty names liberal bloggers have called Lieberman’.

Zengerle explores how Lamont, a mild-mannered media executive and political neophyte, has come ‘face-to-face with the radical fringe’ and consequently ‘has been feeling some pressure to stake out more extreme positions that those with which he’s comfortable’.  But the major concern of the piece, I think, is the larger relationship between the Democratic Party and the potty-mouthed ‘online community’ which may or may not play a significant role in its political re-emergence. What seems clear is that the online community in Connecticut so fed up with Joe Lieberman’s moderate politics has, despite its unequivocally stated radicalism, found a way to support a very wealthy and, but for his position on Iraq, politically moderate alternative. Does this suggest that the radicalism of the Online Left is overstated, or that moderate Democratic candidates may have less difficulty negotiating the political minefield of vocal, angry constituents than one might expect?  Could be just a Lieberman thing. 

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